World 4 Peace

World 4 Peace — the project of creation, we all aspire to the World!

W4P is a project about the power of the mind of normal people! With this project, we want to show that in the world there are actually more normal people than is generally believed. And if people get together to achieve a common goal, they are really an irresistible force!

W4P — a project on the power of modern technology! It is thanks to modern technologies that such projects are possible. I am from Ukraine — an artist, if necessary — a builder, Ellen from the USA -top model, designer, artist, we met at the FB, the FB helps to get acquainted, make friends with people from anywhere in the world, regardless of status, religion, etc., and, exactly communicating in the network, we came to the need to create this project.

W4P — project about the destruction of stereotypes! In the modern world, academic education is used to impose stereotypes on students, to make them obedient herd. With the help of modern technologies, a person at any age can master any specialty for 2-3 months! And the rest of the time — to improve! 90% of people do not work in the specialties received in colleges, academies, institutes, except military and police, well, nuclear physicists!
That’s why we had an idea with the help of you, friends, to realize this project!

In the north of the Odessa region in a town called Ananiev, where there is no fucking, where there are no temptations of the megalopolis, where the ideal conditions for training, I found a huge building called the House of Culture, which requires reconstruction, we decided to create a Center for Creative Youth Development there, where we could creatively and to develop young people professionally where warriors of the Ukrainian-Russian war could have been rehabilitated to a peaceful life. Yes, yes, we have a war, what would the Ukrainian government not tell the world! A government that steals its people, a government that trades with an external aggressor — Russia!

We want to help get rid of the modern youth from post-Soviet stereotypes present in the educational system of Ukraine, creating the Center for the Development of Creative Youth, equipping it with the latest technology, where everyone could develop in the right direction.
Of course, the claimed amount will be enough only for the reconstruction of the Small Hall of this DC, all the same — not bad for a start! We look forward to your support, Friends!

Не забудь поставить лайк!

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